Transformation of social media logo design

Social media has become the easiest and fastest way of interaction among people all around the world. Almost everybody has a Smartphone, and social media is used by each of us. How we routinely bring and extend content is transformed. This transition directly affects how designers move towards logo design and creation.

In the article below we are going to discuss a few of those enhancements that have been brought by different social media sites into their logo design

Logos on social media are amending:

The emblem is easy enough to be drawn by anybody, opening limitless doors by just about anyone for brand interaction. It is interesting to see that people are joining the process of logo amendment and are customizing their emblem to what is important for them.

Having said that, logos on social media are too making changesinto a more fair or accurate version, this change is happening due to the increased encounter of people with the world online. This has shown one-of-a-kind open door where symbols can be modified to bring challenges to the light of numerous concepts, themes or subjects and circumstances at any moment.

So what are these improvements, how good have they been, and what are they showing us about the art of design and the new developments?


Facebook originated as a networking site initially called ‘Facemash’ at Harvard University and then ‘The Facebook’. Creator Mark Zuckerberg hired Mike Buzzard of the Cuban Council to design a professional-looking identity after it was called ‘Facebook.’

Because Zuckerberg has a type of colour-blindness called deuteranopia, the distinctive shade was chosen, which means that blue is the only colour that he can readily discern.

The app icon has been more relevant than its work mark, as the population has moved from computers to smartphones. So as time passed by, Facebook keeps making changes into its emblem, the above-mentioned image shows the conversion of square background with the circular one.


Launched in 2011, the Snapchat was to allow users to upload images or videos that vanish after a certain period. And so a slam dunk was the concept of an emblem based on a ghost. In his dorm bedroom, company designer Evan Spiegel drew it on his computer, before the company even had a name.

It released the redesigned logo seen above in 2013. The removal of the cartoon mask helped the logo to make it fit easier with limited sizes. However, in 2019, by changing the ghost symbol, Snapchat annoyed everyone, outlining it more than ever with a darker black line.

The lesson learned from Snapchat transformation is that when you buy a logo, it is important to understand the basic goals of the business and the concept it portrays.


Because of the bird emblem, Twitter has become famous and globally recognizable, by redesigning its emblem. A transition from the feather-headed one to a simple one was undertaken by the iconic blue bird emblem called Larry of Twitter.

The original logo of Twitter, seen above, was the creation of Linda Gavin, a Swedish graphic designer, who was given only one day to create the concept. In friendly, child-like letters, it spelt out the business name, which evoked an impression of friendliness and comprehensibility.

According to Tom Twitter, the bird in flight represents boundless opportunity, equality, and infinite hope. The symbol that has been changed is easier and is called the Twitter Eagle.


Another example of how a beloved logo can be changed imperceptibly by streamlining and simplifying it over time is YouTube’s logo progression over the years. It is the first time that the logo has been completely revamped, aside from having several cosmetic changes to it, as previously noted.

Until 2011, when a new version of a flatter rectangle was unveiled, in a darker shade of red, this emblem, designed using Alternative Gothic number two, remained unchanged.


Released in 2010, the first emblem of Instagram was a Wordmark and has gone through a variety of variations itself. But it’s the symbol that was most important to the corporate identity on a network that has always been based on the smartphone.

The initial symbol, demonstrated above, was designed by CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom. It looks like Polaroid’s old-style camera, then he hired a professional designer to create a better design, and then eventually decided on Rising’s camera icon after a variety of variations over six months.

To add even more functionality to the website and communicate the same to the customers, changing logos are also required. So when you buy Logo design for your organization, remember that updates in them are carried out to ensure that the organization is kept up-to-date which conveys the audience that the business is steady and stable.


With the birth of the internet, a modern period has begun in which, with the introduction of even more popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, snap chat, etc., digital media has dramatically simplified communication. People are more attached to social media symbols that have experienced numerous shifts over the years.



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