Top 4 Websites to Buy a Professional Custom logo in 2021

Running a business might seem to be simple, but is not at all easy. Success and failure is part of life. However, the efforts and right decisions are in your hand. Starting a business is not a big thing, but maintaining it and creating a strong and unique identity is the big factor.

Moreover, in this competitive era, apart from you there are hundreds of other businesses, selling similar product and services to the same target market. Therefore, to attract the customers, and create the trustable and reliable image that you are superior and best from others, is the main point which needs to be accomplished.

Thus, it is the point where you think to create the custom logo of your brand to give a unique identity and stand it out from the competition. This small piece of art has a lot more responsibility. It helps customers to create an association, and use it as a source of identification.

Hence, getting this identification is not an easy job. And find the right designer and a website that fits best with your requirement is very challenging.

Thereby, in this article, we have listed the top 4 websites to buy a professional custom logo. Let’s began!

Buy Custom Logo

While going for a professional emblem, the cost is the biggest factor that stops small businesses from getting their unique and custom logo.

But, buy custom logo is the platform, where you will find professional and creative custom designs at the most completive prices. It is the reason to place it on number one. They have expert and experienced designers who know their work and are excellent to convert your rough idea into an amazing logo design.

Moreover, they provide 100% satisfaction and work for you, until you are completely ok. Whereas if you still not satisfied, then they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, (which is rare, right?).

The second best thing about this website is the market place. Which is barely a few websites have. They have a well-designed market place, in which designs are divided into categories that help you to buy social logo quickly. This the best option, if you have less time and want a symbol as soon as possible, or you don’t have an idea, how your icon should look like.


Upwork basically based on freelance designers. It registers thousands of designers from all around the world and connects with the business and individuals who need design services. To use their services, at first you have to sign up on their website, then you can post your project there with all the requirements, specifications, and budget.

The willing designers will apply for the project; you have to choose among them who fit best with your requirements and budget. Moreover, to make a decision, you can visit their profile to check the previous work, and conduct an interview.

However, it is a great platform, if you are comfortable in following all these steps, and have good observation and decision making skills to choose the right and experienced designers. The good thing about it that all the money transaction is handling by Upwork, and there are fewer chances of fraud.


It is also a freelance based website, it is also considered as a global platform for freelance. They have designers from whole over the world.

On this site, you have two options to choose from. The first is whether to go towards their ready to go designs from where you can logo buy online, without going through all the designing process.

In the second option, you can start a contest week, by providing all the essential details about your project, after that, the willing designers will submit their ideas and concepts to choose from. In the whole week, you can give your opinion and suggestion to get the best possible design. Once the week end’s, you can select the best and creative design of your choice.

However, it is the best choice for you to get your design done. But, the price you will find here would be a bit high comparing others on the list. The lowest price for a Freelance designer or design contest here would be $299.


Looka uses the AI (Artificial intelligence) software, which gives you a DIY approach to design your own emblem through an online logo maker tool. With this tool, you will get hundreds of design concepts in a few minutes and could edit their colour, fonts, and elements according to your choice.

However, the only factor that needs to be considered is, the image of your brand is in the hand of artificial intelligence, rather than human. Therefore, you have to be extra careful, and try to make an emblem as unique as possible.

The reason is, majority of their designs are template-based, which means along with you, there might be hundreds of others using this software, and getting the same suggestions. Even it could be your competitor.

Moreover, if you need additional help, then you can hire a professional assistant for an hour, by paying them. It will help you to make your logo better.


These were the possible insight that will help you to make an effective decision. However, if you are still confused and want to know more, then you can visit their websites that will help you in knowing about their services.

Now the ball is in your court, before you buy company logo, take the time to search for the best site that you think is the best fit for your requirements, and then choose that.



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