The Untold Secret to CUSTOM LOGO in Less Than Ten Minutes

David Echor
3 min readJan 21, 2021

We all know how important a logo is for every business and its value in the market. But still, why do big brands manage to get success in this field? Why do we never make up to the list of best examples? — These are the questions that come to everyone’s mind.

Well, the answer to all these questions is that they know the secrets behind it. Secrets of success are helpful.

So, here I am answering your question and unveiling the secrets behind the successful logo design. This will surely make you happy. One thing that will make you happier is that it will take less than ten minutes for you to know them.

1. Understand the Psychology of Color:

Rather than choosing the colour up to your preferences and up to your choice. You must know the meaning and psychology behind every colour.

McDonald’s doesn’t randomly have a red background with a golden arch on it. Red is believed to trigger hunger and that’s what exactly McDonald’s symbol does.

Before choosing or finalizing the colour understand it and know what effect it has on human psychology. It does play a huge role in it.

2. Don’t Forget to Respect Brand Heritage:

We have heard a lot to never replicate your product in it. And while following it most of us go pillar apart from our industry.

No doubt, you need to be different but at the same time, you need to be real and relevant.

While designing it don’t forget the heritage of your brand. Because if you will go opposite, then the audience won’t get the right message.

3. Simplicity Is the Ultimate Goal:

Keep it simple! Because it is the ultimate goal of a successful logo.

Trust me it is the biggest secret and one should implement it no matter what.

Because the goal of it is to connect with the audience and send the right message. You have a short time to connect with them and in those seconds complicated design would go above their head. Making it look monotonous to the audience no matter how professionally appealing or aesthetic it is.

4. You Need a Professional Designer:

If you are good at drawing, with paintings, with sketches, or with an illustration. You still need to hire a professional designer. They are known and value for a reason.

They know how to buy logo design perfectly and appropriately. They design it in such a way that it speaks the core values and the mission of the business altogether.

Yes, they are expensive! But one of the secrets is you will get the return on investment as well.

5. Keep Your Eye on Competition:

Being different from them doesn’t mean you do not need to keep a check on them.

Buy logo and makes it different yet perfect than the competitors. Keep a close eye on their move, what they are using, what they are resisting, which was a success for them, and what was their failure.

Then design yours!


These were a few of the main secrets that you needed to know to come on the top list of it. I hope this minimal information was helpful for you and it took less than ten minutes.