The dangers of DIY logo designs

David Echor
6 min readJun 11, 2021


Hiring a professional to design a logo design for you is a very vital part of your business branding, and sometimes the business owners go for the DIY one to design by their selves to save few bucks, even if they have no experience regarding graphic designing experience.

It will be saving your pocket free but, it will surely be giving you a lot of trouble in your distant future. It contributes the same in arts as in the arts. Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong instead, it will damage your core and can put your business at risk.

What a logo is supposed to do:

A logo is supposed to be more than just a simple image to fill in space in your business cards and letterhead. Supremely, it is the optical representation of your company.

Branding and consistency:

One of the main jobs of a logo is to represent your company at various places. Many of the companies use it on their office buildings, business cards, letterheads, and company vehicles, so your one has to be memorable and versatile.

Marketing research gives a sign that the average customer requires between 7 to 10 touches from your brand before they will make a decision to make a purchase. For this reason, most importantly, be consistent and steady at the same time to brand your company.

Conveying company values:

In order to represent your management and products, your logo must convey your company’s character. E.g. if your company sells green cleaning products, then it must show respect to the natural resources and health of its customers.

Means, your target is to let the audience understand what your business is about. You should let a professional designer work for your company’s logo, he will have a deep understanding of your industry and will know how to create it according to your company’s core values.

Mistakes DIY logo users make:

If you are still fascinating to make a logo by your own self, even you have an artistic side and thinking that it will overcome you to a winning one. Here are some of the rookie mistakes that DIY designers make.

· Amateurish logos:

The first and one of the most common mistakes the DIY designers make is that they look amateurish. It is not just related to art, it’s industrial and scientific at the same time. It’s very easy for a first-timer to design a cheap one.

Making a logo that is at odds with the expectations of your industry, and making it look a little bit unfinished or unbalanced. It should be clear that it should be merely acceptable. It needs to be professional, polished, and something you can be proud to collaborate with your company.

· Bad color and font choices:

The next mistake that the DIY logo designers make is that they choose the wrong colors and fonts for their company. Color choices might look like a simple end over that you can use completely according to you, but there is a great use of colors in your logo and it is the main element that ends up to a successful one. Buy custom website.

Every color indicates its own meaning. Likely, font choices express a lot about your company. A fun and playful font might be more attractive to your customers and leads your company to a successful end. So, every element of this must work together to become the identity of your company.

· Missing the message:

As said before, your logo must show what your company does and what it represents. If it doesn’t indicate it, then you will be getting the risk of losing the target of web traffic without even getting a chance to tell them about your products.

Sometimes, unprofessional attempts to design one, and even when they know the detailed study about their company, they miss the step when it comes to communicating their message. So, the associations you have may not match the public’s approach to your industry.

An experienced designer will knowledge of marketing and will figure out how to translate your company’s message into a fascinating one.

· Designs that aren’t versatile:

It is also the most important application that the logo design should be versatile. Your logo will look pixilated if it’s rendered in small sizes, such as on a business card or any feed. It will look tattered if you do a large version to wrap a company’s vehicle. Online logo purchase.

An amateur designer sometimes creates a very muddled one to look good as a thumbnail, or they create too simple to translate to a billboard or vehicle. Yours one should be capable enough to use it anywhere you need to use it, and that’s a hard thing to accomplish as an amateur.

· How to collaborate with a designer:

If you have experience as a marketer and a logo designer, then you can design one for your company. If not, then the best way is to hire a professional designer and contribute with them to make a suitable one according to the requirements.

A good logo will feel important to talk with you about your aim for the it. They’ll make sure that they have understood everything about your industry, your aim, and your personal opinion. Your past of contributing is that you should communicate with your designer as clearly as possible.

· Tips for conveying your ideas clearly:

Contacting is the most important thing for any creative teamwork. Even if the designer you choose is doing the largest part of the innovative work, you’re still the applicant. He won’t be satisfied until and unless the owner is, too. Logo buying sites.

The key to successful teamwork is to know about the time you want. It’s not about micromanaging the design process. It’s best to keep your mind attentive, but you should have the detailed information to tell to him. It may also help to brainstorm some ideas before you begin.

Another most important thing is to give preface thought to the main parts of your design. These include colors, fonts, designs, and shapes. You can also give it an emotion that it wants to convey to your targeted audience. These all tips can help your fellow designer to get you a firm grasps according to you.

· How to approach the collaborative process:

You have to choose your designer wisely; he should understand that your logo design is a teamwork process. It’s his job to share their knowledge of marketing and the science of it that with what you want to create the one that represents your company’s identity.

It may be possible that you are disappointed at first, articulate what is wrong and what should be changed with your designer, he might have an explanation that could change your mind and surprises you.

Then even if you want any changes in it, feel free to discuss with your design and make sure he understands what you want and why you want it. Make sure that flexibility is important because it guarantees client satisfaction.

Final words:

Your logo is something that should represent your Company in every aspect; your association, products, and your company values. Instead of designing a DIY one, hire a professional designer to convey your message. Having a professional one can tell you the difference mean success and failure.

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