How do you know a logo design will persist over the years?

David Echor
4 min readFeb 19, 2021


The meaning of a logo is undeniable that this one icon increases recognition of the brand, networking opportunities, and spreads the message of your business to the world. You have to do it right with that much responsibility riding on your logo. how would you know your emblem has designed in the right way? How would you know that it’s effective enough to fulfill those responsibilities?

As designing an emblem is a long process and needs heavy investment in its creation, one question that often arises in the minds of executives and managers of organizations is that “whether their emblems are good enough to persist for long?” Here you will get to know the 10 questions which will help you determine whether your logo is appropriate to fulfill the needs of your company over the years or not.

What best represents your brand?

The question you should ask in the first place while getting your emblem designed, is whether your company is representing your services appropriately? For example, Amazon sells almost everything on earth so they incorporated letters A to Z, which indicated to the audience, that whatever they want, Amazon has it for them.

On the other hand. FedEx is a shipping courier, but to reflect this definition, they have a directional arrow. A happy face might embody a kids’ apparel business and rising graphs or arrows fit well for an SEO group. So, look deeply into your company affairs and question yourself if your emblem can embody the services you offer?

Who are your competitors?

A symbol aims to help customers recognize your brand and to recognize what your company provides with a simple look. By looking at your rivals, you will begin investigating which elements serve this purpose for your business.

Take coffee and tea shops, for example. To signify a hot drink, they also use a picture of a cup with steam lines. To further suggest that they serve organic beverages, some will add an image of a coffee bean or tea leaf.

Your next step is to take a step back and determine whether you want to follow the patterns of your rivals or try something new. Would you want to follow their example or are you planning to put yourself apart?

Who is your target audience?

When purchasing a logo, one of the most critical things to ask is who the target demographic is. You will remove emblem features that you know would not fit by knowing who your audience is, and concentrate your design decisions on those that do.

For kids under 20 and vice versa, a symbol made for the aged won’t fit as well. Logos targeted at children should have vibrant colors, while an emblem designed to attract homeowners should be uniform, smooth, and formal.

Is it timeless?

Tell yourself if the style of your symbol is attractive? You have to consider redesigning it if it is not. The patterns of today will die out and in years to come, your emblem will not appear important anymore.

Look at FedEx or Coca-logo. Cola’s Because of their timeless nature, such logos persisted over the years. Regardless of the changing patterns, they remain important. The goal is to create a logo following this line of thought. And as the demand adjusts, it needs to be relevant.

Did a professional graphic designer create it?

Did an emblem design by a competent designer is the final and most critical question? What’s a logo designer doing? They ask all of the aforementioned questions and try to create a logo for you, partnering with you to make a template that embodies your organization exactly.

Yes, recruiting a designer may sound pricey. The investment, though, pays off because every couple of years you won’t have to keep redesigning. You could end up with a logo template that has been stuck with your business for decades.


Establishing a business is not simple to accomplish. It takes a lot of effort and financial resources to build a company. Buying a logo is yet another milestone every business owner has to achieve, for this purpose they have to use their efforts and heavy financial resource as it is an important asset of your organization. Evaluate the aforementioned questions in this article and ask yourself whether your emblem is created perfectly enough to fulfill its duty for decades because it is not what you are going to invest in every second day.



David Echor