Confused in finding the best Website to buy a Professional Logo Design? Here are top 5 Websites you can choose from

David Echor
4 min readApr 29, 2021


We live in an age of technology, where we find thousands of websites selling similar products and services. However, the majority of them are online-based, so you can’t really evaluate that which is best for you. That’s exactly when you search a buy custom logo; you will find hundreds of service providers who claim to be the best.

That’s the reason some times you make a wrong decision choosing an inexperienced designer who spoils the image of your brand. But, you have to be careful before making any decision and for that research is the best option. A logo is an integral part of the business; it creates a great first impression.

Therefore, for your ease, we have listed the top 5 Websites you can choose from. They provide the best services and are more trustable to work with.

Buy custom Logo

It one of the best and professional emblem designing website at the most affordable prices. They offer different designing services; you can get everything done from logo design to website, broachers, business card and many more from one place.

They offer different packages that vary in price to fulfil the need for small businesses to enterprises. The basic package starts from $49 to $1510 for premium. Moreover, they are not the only expert in designing, but also provide excellent customer services to make their clients more satisfied.

No matter whatever package you select, you will get 24/7 assistance, with unlimited revisions to make your design perfect as much as possible. Another best thing is turnaround time. You will not have to wait for weeks to get the final design; in fact, you will get the final vector file in 48 hours.

Moreover, once you buy a logo, you will get 100% ownership rights. It will secure the unique identity of your brand. And fulfil your purpose of buying a custom design.

The Logo Company

The second website on the list is The Logo Company. It also gives you custom designs with 100% originality to make you stand out in the market. They mainly have 3 packages related to logo designing, in which the lowest one is $199 for only emblem design. In the second one, you will get the emblem + stationary for $249, whereas the third one is $339 for the emblem, stationery, and 500 business cards.

In addition, once you are done with the briefing process, you will get the final vector files in three days. They will transfer all the copyrights, with 90 days money-back guarantee.


It is one of the top-rated freelance websites for different designing need. On this site, you will find hundreds of designers all around the world. The best thing about the site is you can choose the designer which you find best under your budget.

However, the site is performing the role of an intermediary between you and the designer. The final decision is yours. The quality of the design would be depending on the experience and professionalism of the designer, and for which it is said the more you play, the more you get.

Moreover, in this freelance website, you will not be guaranteed to have quality work, in contrast, the designing websites I have mentioned above, Buy custom logo and the logo company provides 100% satisfaction and work for you until you get satisfied.

Therefore, while choosing a designer to buy logo online, visit their profile and read the reviews to evaluate and to find the best person for you.

Wix Logo Maker

It offers the 2 option. They have an online logo maker, where you can design an emblem by yourself, or you can hire a professional designer. By using their emblem maker tool you can get your emblem in a few minutes. You just have to answer a few questions about your brand, personal style, etc. The software using Artificial intelligence gives you multiple concept and ideas that you can choose according to your choice.

Moreover, it also has the editing option through which you can make changes in the design to make it perfectly fit your business. However, if you are not much satisfied with the self-editing and automated designing tool. You can hire a professional who will do the work for you.

Hiring a professional might cost you high, but the quality you will get would be much higher than the emblem maker tool. For the professional designer, you have to pay a minimum of $20 as a one-time fee.


It is an online market place where hundreds of designers are connected globally. It is the best place to go, for startups, businesses and entrepreneurs to find the right person to get your work done.

At first, you have to post your project with all the relevant information and the requirement with your budget. Willing designers will attempt to give you a perfect image, and you can find so many ideas and concepts from many people.

However, after getting all the concepts, you can choose one which you find the most appealing and best fit. Then you can further get assistance and modification as per your requirements.


Now, you must have got an idea about different sites and how they work. Every website offers different services, at different prices. However, you can buy company logo, from any of these websites, whoever fits best with your requirements.

The decision is on you, but before making any decision, makes sure, to visit these sites, to get a better idea about them.



David Echor