10 Awesome Logo Fonts You Need to Try

1. Panton

David Echor
4 min readJul 2, 2021


Organizers: Svet Simov, Ivan Petrov, and Simov Svetoslav

This 2014 literary style family contains up to 34 typefaces alone and 36 burdens. Its changed shapes give a sensitive edge to the commendable unusual style, and it’s known for its meaningfulness paying little regard to medium (on paper or on the web).

These literary styles look particularly unfathomable on printed stock — an interesting point when arranging your logo!

2. Sassoon

Organizer: Rosemary Sassoon

Made in 1995, this sans-serif was required fundamentally to be a typeface used in adolescents’ books. It is known for displaying turns and plunges on its letters, and this energy makes it ideal for family-obliging brands and logos for associations that are equipped towards young people. Its straightforwardness makes it especially material across settings while also consoling inventive psyche and devilishness. Business Logos For Sale

3. Brandon Grotesque

Organizer: Hannes von Döhren

Starting in Germany in 2010, this text based style has a more blazing energy than enormous quantities of its sans-serif cousins. It’s everything except different burdens, including small, light, standard, solid, medium and dim — notwithstanding an italic version of each weight.

You’ve presumably seen Brandon Grotesque on Comedy Central! Consider using for logos that will be displayed on packaging plan.

4. Proxima Nova

Originator: Mark Simonson

This text based style is a fixed up transformation of its model, Proxima Sans (as of now halted). Potentially the most popular typefaces for site piece, Proxima Nova joins 48 content styles under the consideration of it’s anything but an extent of burdens and features. Logo Design For Sale

Today, this content style is used all over data and media — essentially look at Buzzfeed, NBC News and Mashable for a concise glance at its high level, numerical letters.

5. Avenir

Fashioner: Adrian Frutiger

A circle-organized typeface similarly as Futura, this content style generally follows the sans-serif numerical model. It was conveyed in 1988 and has since been changed in accordance with fuse a more broad extent of burdens, widths, and features. Get A Custom Logo

This literary style can be used in all propensities for topographical checking, as affirmed by the lettering of the well known I Amsterdam sign that sits in the point of convergence of the city.

6. Andale Mono

Fashioner: Steve Matteson

This sans-serif was at first made as a part of a joint endeavor for IBM and Apple, which ought to reveal to you something about the best way to deal with use it. The printed style is monospaced, which suggests it’s anything but’s a comparable proportion of isolating between all of its letters and characters. How To Buy A Company Logo

7. Horizon

Fashioners: Bitstream staff makers

In case you out of the blue wind up considering space notwithstanding you haven’t the faintest idea why, this is in light of the fact that this current ‘90’s content style relies upon the caring used in the main Star Trek series! This high level sans-serif has harsh focuses and sharp twists that fits a state of the art vibe. You can find it in light, medium, solid, and light italic.

8. Affiliation Gothic

Draftsman: Morris Fuller Benton

Yet at first made in 1903, this content style went through a fix up over the latest 20 years when Micah Rich, Tyler Finck, and “Dannci” added extra glyphs and put their own curve on the arrangement. The gothic sans-serif displays tall letters and is ideal for web typography endeavoring to make a sprinkle.

A substantial model: The main Benton type of this text based style is used for the YouTube logo! Buy Logos Online

9. Pack

Planners: Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly

From the outset made for Adobe, this printed style is essentially depicted by how it is especially web-improved, making it the best choice for a wide scope of electronic stamping. In light of everything, it’s displayed among organizations additionally, and has most very been used by Apple (until 2017). In the event that you’re looking for a fair yet imaginative book style to address your logo, this might be the ideal one for you.

10. Belgrano

Organizer: LatinoType

This content style was at first proposed for printed papers, what with its square like serifs and regardless, scattering. It has since been acclimated to work honorably on the web, and it’s anything but’s a particularly proficient text based style for little print (read: body text). Buy Company Logo



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